Pacific Fair and Robina Haul

Hi guys!

This month I’ve been out shopping quite a lot as it’s been holidays – meaning more time to spend an insane amount of money… ! So I decided to show you my haul. Enjoy!


  • Denim Skirt- $39.99 – H&M
  • The comforter bubble bar – $10.95- Lush
  • Pink flamingo – $10.50 – Lush
  • Boots- $179.95 – Mathers
  • Yellow bag – $20.96 – Sportsgirl
  • Mascara – $11.95 – Maybelline Great Lash mascara – Good Price Pharmacy
  • Maybelline Blush stick – Good Price Pharmacy

I love denim. So when I saw this skirt in H&M I instantly knew I HAD to have it: The buttons on this denim skirt are rose gold, which is one of my favourite things right now! This skirt is a little bit on the pricey side but it’s worth it ‘coz it’s super comfortable and you can wear it as a ‘fancy night out’ item or just a ‘casual lounge around the house’ item. I really recommend this for all you denim lovers out there!


Lush is one of my favourite shops, so every time I visit Pacific Fair, I always have to stop and smell every single item they have. I don’t like strong scents so I wanted to try the amazing looking bubble bar. This smells a lot like strawberries and cream, and isn’t overpowering. I recommend going and having a sneaky sniff of this amazing bubble bar!

The pink flamingo is also from Lush. (I love how cute it looks!) It also smells amazing, kind of a soft strawberry perfume. So while you’re out smelling the comforter bubble bar, go and smell this as well. (It’s also very affordable.)


Boots! Yes, these boots are on the pricey side. BUT if you’re looking to buy boots that are comfy, will last ages and go with everything, then look no further because these are the best boots. EVER. They go with jeans, skirts and dresses. And I recommend these as a good wardrobe staple investment.

I walked into Sportsgirl and saw this gorgeous yellow bag and so I had to buy it, otherwise I would definitely had some regrets. It’s an adventurous colour but adds nice interest to all of my black and white outfits.


My last mascara that you would have seen in a previous post was amazing, (Mum bought it for me in Hawaii) but unfortunately it dried out… meaning I could buy a new one! Mum recommended it, so I bought it, and it is amazing! It comes off easy and it makes my eyelashes look long and dark which is good ‘coz you can’t see my eyelashes without mascara…

Sticking to makeup: When I was buying my mascara, I was given a blush stick sample (BONUS!) that I haven’t tried yet… but I do know that it’s seriously pigmented and a really nice pink colour. (And I might use it as a lip stain, too.)

Thank you for reading! 😉

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