Products I Use

Hey guys!

Sorry that I haven’t written in a while, I have been busy with assignments, homework, etc., and now it’s HOLIDAYS!


I have decided to write about the six of products that I use A LOT. (I don’t have any of the prices for these products as I have had them for quite a while… but maybe google?)



  • Shampoo: Pantene, PRO-V, classic clean
  • Conditioner: Protane Naturals, Keratin Conditioner
  • Leave In Conditioner: Redken 5th avenue NYC, Curvaceous
  • Hairspray: Ultimate Keratin Hairspray – Schwarzkopf
  • Hand Cream: Crabtree & Evelyn – Gardeners
  • Hand Recovery: Crabtree & Evelyn – Gardeners



This shampoo is one of the best shampoos I’ve tried. It makes your hair look healthy and really soft. It also smells SOO good, kinda like apple, I guess… I really like this shampoo, which is rare coz I don’t normally like shampoo very much… (I don’t know why, but it’s a thing.) I recommend this one though.


Love this conditioner! It smells amazing, like a bunch of fruits squashed together and put into a bottle to massage into your hair… haha! This conditioner doesn’t make your hair look oily afterwards, makes it look shiny and I haven’t noticed any split ends. (And I haven’t cut my hair for FIVE MONTHS.)


I don’t usually use a leave-in conditioner that much but when I cut my hair to shoulder length, I didn’t want to put my hair up in a ponytail (not like I could anyways) so my hairdresser recommended this conditioner. So I gave it a try and every time I use it, my hair becomes super curly the next day, which I really like! (But if you don’t like having curly hair, I wouldn’t recommend this for you.)


If you’ve watched my previous videos on YouTube (‘March Favourites’) then you would have seen that this hairspray was on my list. It grips onto your hair really well and lasts the whole day, and it smells SO good. By far the best hairspray I have tried!!


I was given the hand products by my grandma: Crabtree & Evelyn. My hands become dry really easily so I use this cream quite a lot. (I’m not really fond of the smell but that doesn’t matter because it does the job.)

Last but not least! Hand Recovery: this cream has little beads inside it to get all of the dead skin off. (Yuck!) I really like this cream because after use, my hands are super soft. Then you put on the hand cream (above) so your hands become even softer!!

Thanks for reading! 😉


Where else you can find me:

Instagram: @gabmcguire01

YouTube: gab mcguire



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