April haul.

Hey guys!

I’ve really been looking forward to this post for a long time! It’s all about things that I’ve bought over the past month – from Robina, Supa Nova and the Lifeline $2 sale at the Convention Centre – and I have wanted to show you guys my HAUL.

Anyway. Here’s what I bought:


White Dress: from Portmans, on sale at $39.95

I have worn this dress so many times already because it’s just such a comfortable dress! You can wear it lots of ways – dress it up for fancy occasions; if it’s cold, wear it with tights, boots and maybe a denim jacket. (It was bit pricey but on sale it’s not too bad.)SAM_0420


Flower Dress: from Dotti, $79.95

This dress is AMAZING! It’s really pretty and really light so you don’t feel like your wearing layers of clothing. (Great in Queensland summer…) I’ve already worn it at least three times in two weeks. You could also wear it with cute boots and jacket on top for winter weather. Yep, the dress is pretty pricey but you could easily wear it to something really fancy – like a school dinner dance?




Bag: from Supa Nova, $30

This purse is the BEST! It has a lot of room, and it’s white and navy so goes with everything! I’ve really enjoyed taking it out with dresses, jeans, shorts and skirts. I found it in a stall at Supa Nova couple of weekends ago, but you might find something similar at That Shop. (I think this bag is SO cute!)



Deathly Hallows, and Cat badge: from Supa Nova, $2.50 each

I spotted these badges at a stall at Supa Nova and I couldn’t leave them behind because I just thought they were so cute! Deathly Hallows from Harry Potter! Cute cat! Pin them onto anything, really.



Doctor Who and Deathly Hallows earrings: from Supa Nova, $10 each

I was walking around Supa Nova and saw these earrings and I didn’t think twice. Just fell in love. Just bought them. I’ve worn them with my white dress (up top), and a jeans/top combo for dinner. (I just really like these earrings!!)




Two shirts: from Lifeline $2 Sale

The Convention Centre held the Lifeline $2 sale: everything sold for $2! So I invited two of my friends and we went to have a look around. I picked up these two really nice shirts. You may not be able to tell in the photo, but they’re quite long, so you could wear them over tights. They have cute collars which I really like – especially when the shirt is buttoned all the way up.



Dress: from Lifeline $2 Sale

I also picked up this dress at the Convention Centre. I’d mainly wear it over my swimmers but if you really wanted to I guess you could wear it out?




Thanks for reading!  😉

This blog post is also going to be turned into a YouTube video, so  watch out for that!


Where else to find me:

Instagram: @gabmcguire01

YouTube: gab mcguire




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