March Favourites!

Hey Guys,

I know! I know!

I haven’t visited in a while (six months to be exact) and I’m very sorry! Things just got really busy… but I’m back now! And I have a YouTube channel as well! So go and check that out if you want. (But make sure you read this first.)

Anyway, I’ll be here more often now. Yep.

Ok, so I’m currently in the middle of making a video about little things that I have enjoyed throughout the last month (March). So I decided to blog about it too, so I can write about the stuff more thoroughly, so yeah, enjoy!  🙂


Mascara: Sephora Rogue – ‘Seduce’

Lipstick: Benefit – ‘Bad Gal Lash’

Hairspray: Schwarzkopf – ‘Ultimate Keratin Hairspray’

Nail Polish: Rimmel London Nail Polish – ‘Roll In The Grass’ & ‘Breakfast In Bed’

Perfume: Clinique ‘Happy’

Reflections Book: Typo

Colouring In Book: This was from Finland but you can get heaps of colouring-in books like this everywhere – even Woolworths.

Candle: Glasshouse Fragrances – ‘Coney Island, Burnt Sugar And Fig’

Pens: Typo

Make Up Bag: This was a present from my grandma so I’m not sure where you can get it from…


  •  The lipstick is one of my favourites that I have tried. I don’t wear much makeup at all so when I do, I usually use this one. It’s very pigmented, quite moisturising, a really nice pink that goes with pretty much everything, and I just really like it.
  • The mascara in this picture is good for girls to use if they are starting to wear makeup: it doesn’t stand out much but it’s easy to build up if you want thicker layers and yeah, I really like it!
  • The hairspray is a personal favourite. It’s easy to brush out, smells nice, (I know that sounds weird but it really does!) dries really quickly and it holds hair in place and I would know – I have really fluffy hair that sticks up everywhere!
  • The candle: I don’t own many but this is probably the best thing I’ve smelt. It’s AMAZING! It has burnt sugar and fig and OH MY GOSH it smells soooo good!


  • These are probably my favourite nail polishes and that’s saying something – I own a bowl full of polishes and there could be more than 20 different colours in there. Both are really pretty on and they don’t chip easily. (I promise those are two different shades… bad lighting.)


  • This perfume is AMAZING and really good quality (as in not cheap). It smells fab, stays on for the whole day, the packaging is cute and it also comes with a body smoother. This perfume ticks all of my boxes. Go and check it out.


  • This is from Finland. (As in bought last year on my trip to Finland.) But I have been really loving this colouring in book: it has pictures of flowers and patterns and it’s really relaxing. I love it!


  • This journal is really cool – each day you open a new page, and it has a new question to answer, and I just think it’s an interesting and nice way to reflect on your days.
  • I use the pens in this photo A LOT. They’re really cute and the ink comes out in a nice, dense black. (Wow, I never thought I would be reviewing pens…)


  • This make up bag was given to me by my grandma. You could also use it for other stuff like jewellery, etc. I personally like to use it for my makeup and it has heaps of compartments and it’s just really cute and I love it!!



Thanks for reading!

I have a video coming up on my YouTube channel soon, so look out for that.


YouTube – gab mcguire

Instagram – @gabmcguire01


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